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“Matthew Mason, also known as mattpsd is a visual artist and graphic designer from Wales, UK.  He specializes in the music industry and creates cover artwork, music promotional videos, tour posters and music videos.”

Matt has worked with many industry professionals and labels with hes abstract style to be able to bring more meaning to their artworks and videos. He as worked with: S-X, Darci, ImJaeHall, Abare, Shaker, August Brodie, Shady MFJ, Pre kai ro, VOEL, 27 CLUB, EhCee, RAYDEEO   and many more

‘Developing my brand as a creative and individual though other platforms and mediums. Developing a workflow and process to create brand and creative direction for people I work with. Also, providing value and assets to other creatives & people that can use to make their work process easier or advice I think I would’ve liked when I started or even liked a few months earlier.’ mattpsd – Castles Magazine